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My Second Life

Is More Real

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27 March
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  • yheoj@livejournal.com
Hello there ~ Yheoj here.

A Primadonna with a mixed blood of ELF.

A fanfiction Writer

Loves Jonghoon of FTIsland

A hardcore JongKI , KyuMin and EunHae/Haehyuk shipper.

Living in Sungmin's Magical World.

Under the spell of evil Maknae's charm.

Curse to fall head over heels in love to Jonghoon.

Made to believe that Hongki is a Princess living in this modern world.

Bound to lose my sanity in Donghae's unbelievable alien dreams.

Chased by EunHyuk's guerilla of monkeys in the World of Apes.

This is my second life, my second chance, my second love, nothing and no one can stop me from

chasing my reality.

Social capital

  • less than 10