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Midnight Madness

Pairing/Characters: Kid!Kyuhyun/Kid!Sungmin
Type: One shot
Genre: angst, mention of death
Rating: R
Warning: plotless fic, child abuse, unbe-taed
Disclaimer: The story is what I owned not the characters.

Summary: Two innocent young kids caught themselves in a labyrinth.

Kyuhyun slammed the wall with his fist in anger as he continuously shouted Sungmin's name. He wanted to rip the thick wall, to get to the other side and to press his hands into the person who was now attacking his bestfriend. He can hear the whimpering cries of Sungmin, he can feel the pain in each sobs, the desperate call for help. But no matter how hard he hit the wall with his fists, the bad man seemed not to care.

Or maybe, he was not hitting it hard enough.

With that newly found reasoning, Kyuhyun decided to hit the wall with his entire body followed by shouts and screams. He felt he was making progress when the noise from the other wall subsided and without any more knowledge of what happened afterwards, Kyuhyun's fragile body dropped to the floor.

Kyuhyun woke up feeling the numbness in both of his hands. He slowly opened his eyes, squinting a little to adjust to the ray of light that penetrated his room. He can hear the sweet music the morning birds were singing, the busy street with all the noise from the local traders encouraging the locals to take a look at their merchandise. It wasn't an unusual happening since their house was located in the heart of the city, where different types of businesses, legal and illegal, small type to big time ones can be found.

Kyuhyun closed his eyes, trying to remember the things that happened to him from last night. He knew something odd occurred but he can't seem to figure it out. Everything was a blur and what he can only remember was the sweet goodnight kiss from his mom and dad and the lullabye his mom sang to him.

Kyuhyun started his day by taking a warm quick bath, a hearty breakfast prepared by his mom then a walk to school accompanied by his father who was working as an accountant in one of the buildings near the area. Grasping his father's hand, Kyuhyun walked with fast gaiety copying the way his father walk while wearing that large grin on his face, looking proud for people who set their eyes on them.

Kyuhyun's day continued in school where he got to learn a lot from his teacher although he didn't look like a schoolteacher with his big smile you could almost, well not almost but can actually see his gums! Kyuhyun was fascinated with the way his teacher smile, he felt like there was no dull moment when you are with him thus he decided from the day their school year began that he will not stay away from this man's side. So, Khyuhyun clung to his school teacher, Hyukjae's his name, all day.

Kyuhyun ended his day with brushing his teeth and changing to his pajamas. Then he waited patiently for his mom and dad to stop by his room, cuddled him then sang some good songs until he can no longer hear the sound of his mother's voice as he slowly drifted away to dreamland.

Kyuhyun woke up to the crashing sound coming from the other side of the wall followed by terrifying silence. Kyuhyun counted one to three, holding his breath as if one small sound coming from him will break the muteness of the still night. He was afraid but he knew that any moment from now, the same loud noise, the whimpering cries, the pained groan will be heard.

Truth be told, Kyuhyun let his breath go when he heard Sungmin's scream, asking the bad man to stop whatever it was he was doing to him. Kyuhyun didn't know exactly what was happening beyond the thick walls but he was sure that Sungmin was being beaten hard. When he heard the same cry for help, Kyuhyun jumped out of his bed and hit the walls hard with his body, unmindful whether his body was in pain or that tomorrow when he woke up there will be bruises on his body.

"Let him go, you monster!" Kyuhyun shouted banging the walls hard with his fist. He wondered why his mom and dad weren't hearing the loud noise. Theirs wasn't sound proof.

Kyuhyun's eyes widened when he heard Sungmin said that he can't take it anymore. He panicked. It was the first time he heard his bestfriend said those things. He shouted mom and dad but nobody came. How can he help his bestfriend?

Kyuhyun woke up feeling tired and sweaty under his blanket. Again, the same noise he heard everyday from outside his windows reminded him that another day has come. Busy adults trying to earn money with little things they have, consumers buying stuffs to be used for the day. He wondered how he will be when it was time for him to grow up. He will be just like his dad.

The thought cheered little Kyuhun and it was enough to put a smile on his face all throughout the day, totally forgetting the event from last night. With the same routine, Kyuhyun was taken to his school by his dad and taught a lesson by his teacher Hyukjae.

Night time fell and Kyuhyun was ready to go to bed when he heard loud voice shouting outside his room. He was scowling when he realized that it was the voice of his mom and dad. He felt something familiar, like a chill down his spine but he just ignored the creepy feeling and decided to just go back to sleep.

Kyuhyun woke up when someone grabbed his hand and removed him from his bed. He saw his dad, no it wasn't his dad, it was a monster trying to pull his small fragile body towards him.

"You little fucker! Who do you think you are sleeping in my bed?" The monster said, his eyes gleaming in red.

Kyuhyun opened his mouth to scream but all he could muster was a soft whimpering plea that only irritated the monster.

"What?! Asking for help? No one will hear you even if you shout for help! And if there'll ever be, they will not dare break into my house and save you. You hear me, freak?! No one will save you!" the monster laughed aloud, a sound similar to that of a demon and little Kyuhyun who was too shock to react didn't see the hand that clamped on his neck and choked him.

Sungmin didn't know but he was crying when he woke up one sunny Monday morning. He wiped his tears away from his eyes and looked at his ceiling, trying to remember what happened. He can't seem to figure it out, all he can remember was his mom and dad's goodnight kiss.

Sungmin ignored the unfamiliar feeling and started his day by brushing his teeth and changing to his school uniform. He ate a lot because his mom prepared his favorite breakfast meal and he was hopping while going to school because his dad accompanied him. Sungmin was feeling giddy perhaps because of his favorite teacher, who called his self the prince of the sea, will teach them art works.

Sungmin's day ended the usual. He changed into his favorite pink pajamas and his mom read him storybook until he fell asleep. It was a routine where little Sungmin, who at that time was only six years old, was feeling blessed.

That night when Sungmin was sleeping soundly, he was woken up by the loud banging sound coming from the other side of the wall. Holding his breath, he left his bed and walked towards it, pressing his ears on the cold hardened wall. He heard soft cries and when he proved that the person from the other side was alone, he spoke. "Are you okay?"

More sobs were heard and Sungmin tried to hush him up by pacifying him. "Shhh don't cry. I think he left already."

"I know Sungmin. He always left me after he beat me hard then comes back after three days." Kyuhyun said in between sobs. He was glad Sungmin finally spoke to him.

Surprised when he heard his name from the young boy, yes he figured out that it was a young boy by the tone of his voice, he carefully asked, "You know me?"

"Of course, you're my bestfriend Sungmin. Don't you remember? My name is Kyuhyun. I was the one who was telling you to stop crying every time the monster hit you." Kyuhyun groaned when he tried to pull himself in a sitting position. He wanted to stay closer to the wall. He wanted to be soothed by Sungmin's voice.

"I didn't know that. There's no monster in my bedroom. See? I am not the one who was crying. It was you Kyuhyun." Little Sungmin argued but smiled when something flickered in his mind.

"I want to help you. I can't take it anymore. If I am only a little taller i'm sure going to beat him too." little Sungmin boasted and Kyuhyun chuckled at that thought. "If I am a little bit taller, I, myself will beat him to death."

They both had a great laugh that night, no one, not anyone knew that on that same night, two kids were murdered on the same day, a century apart.

Lee Sungmin, 6 years old, died July 13, 1937 and Cho Kyuhyun, 6 years old, died July 13, 1837.

July 13, 2014 - present day

Kyuhyun and Sungmin walked hand in hand as they met each other outside their school parking lot after their respective fathers dropped them off. They went directly to their classroom, fighting over whose teacher was the great kindergarten teacher. Kyuhyun voted for Eunhyuk while Sungmin boasted Donghae.

end ;p

I miss you guys!
Well there goes my almost a year of hiatus not only from writing but also from fangirling. LOL
Do not ask me what this fic is all about cos I don't know either.
I downloaded MS Office app in my phone yesterday and this is the very first fic that I wrote in just two hours between 3 to 5 in the morning. Now you know why this is pointless.
Tags: character : donghae, character : hyukjae, character : kyuhyun, character : sungmin, fandom : super junior, genre : alternate universe, genre : angst, genre : dark, pairing : kyumin, rating : r, type : one shot
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