Yheoj (yheoj) wrote,

Sungmin's Little Game [Ch.1]

Pairing/Characters: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Type: Two-shots
Genre: Romance
Rating: NC 17
Warning: slight bondage, kinky KyuMin
Disclaimer: The story is what I owned not the characters.

Description: Sungmin wanted to play his game and Kyuhyun tagged along.

a/n: a story that was created based from the edited picture where Sungmin was 'kissing' (smelling) a very small Kyuhyun wearing a strawberry on his head. and this is also a super belated birthday fic to taichick and a promised fic for simbasheart. Guys, I missed that strawberry cake we bought last KyuMin day together with Teri!

strawberry kyu

“Come on, Kyu. I want to eat and play now.” Sungmin leaned his right cheek on Kyuhyun’s shoulder; sighing after smelling his boyfriend’s still damp hair. “Hmn…smells good.” He said loudly, unable to keep his thoughts in his head.

“Not in the mood now, hyung.” Kyuhyun declined, his pointy finger keeps on pushing on the mouse as he lead his troop back into their corner. As usual, Kyuhyun was busy with his games, having the only opportunity of a free schedule after a series of concerts, shootings and recordings for the past months now, all he had in his mind was to catch up with his long neglected favorite online game.

“Please? Pretty pretty pretty please?” Sungmin begs, tilting his head to the side to place a sound kiss on the uncovered tempting flesh in Kyuhyun’s neck.

“No.” Kyuhyun declined once again, this time with conviction. Although he was happy they both have the same free day, he cannot just let Sungmin mandated him. Damn. He had been waiting for forever to be free of work so he can sit comfortably in front of his laptop and play to his heart’s content. He already planned this day even before the manager announced it yesterday.

“Hmp!” Sungmin pouted his lips, an expression he unconsciously acquired then glared back at Kyuhyun’s back, eyes sending hot molten daggers before standing up. If he can only paralyze Kyuhyun with just one glare, he will do so and then tie both his hands on the bed so that he can get him away from his laptop and (spare his 123456th mouse which he just bought yesterday) have his boyfriend all by himself all day up until their next schedule.

Thoughts of Kyuhyun tied on the bed, totally naked and under his mercy appeased Sungmin’s hurt feelings. “Hmn…why not?!” Sungmin thought after realizing that there’s no possible way to separate Kyuhyun with his favorite game.


Kyuhyun was feeling happy after Sungmin left him. Biting his lower lip, his left hand slowly travelled down his legs up to touch his crotch which grew big when Sungmin kissed him on the neck then smile deviously as thread of images started flowing inside his genius mind. He is 100% sure that Sungmin will plan something to get his attention after brushing him off; totally ignoring his boyfriend while knowing that the smaller one was feeling horny was something he already accomplished and became an expert at. And so pissing him off when the latter is obviously screaming sex is like an icing to his favorite cake. Call him a masochist but the sex was always good and satisfying after hurting his hyung’s feelings. Well, Sungmin was a very sensitive guy so it wasn’t hard for him to inflict pain using emotions but Kyuhyun cannot and will never tolerate to physically hurt his beloved hyung. Sickening but he discovered that part of him when they had a huge fight then had steaming rough make up sex at the back of the van during one stop of Super Show. Afterwards, he finds ways to prick his hyung’s sensitive feelings but only on a very rare occasion like if they haven’t had enough time for each other even if they are always together or when they are both under stress or if one of them got jealous.

When the door opened, Kyuhyun retracted his hand from his crotch area and placed it on top of the table then tried hard to focus on the screen. He can smell vanilla and had to force his self not to follow where the smell was coming from just to appease his curiosity because he knew it will ruin his plan. But although he cannot let his self see, he let his sensitive ears hear where and what Sungmin was doing. He concluded that his hyung was on his bed, Sungmin’s bed that is, and from the noise he was making he knew the other was doing his own bed.

“Hmn…ohh” Kyuhyun can hear his hyung making sexy noises behind him while eating something that smells of vanilla, he can hear the way he was licking and sucking each fingers one by one and the sound was driving him to insanity. His hard on was now hard to contain and he started feeling uneasy with the way his shorts tighten up with every sound Sungmin made.

“Kyu? Hmn…you want some?” Kyuhyun heard his name called out and sure as hell Sungmin asked him something but damn his mind was unable to work at this time. All Kyuhyun can think about was how to free his cock from its confinement and stroke it hard while Sungmin was making that background slutty noise.

“Kyuhyun?” Kyuhyun swallowed a lump at the sound of his name coming from Sungmin. Sungmin has a very sexy bedroom voice and every time he eats sweets, his voice became more seductive and hoarse. It was something the world didn’t know about Sungmin and he didn’t have any plans of letting them discover it. He can be very possessive if he wanted to.

There was a shuffling sound from behind, footsteps and then two hands wrapped around his neck and Sungmin’s lips landed on top of his ear. “Come on, Kyu…open your mouth and try this.” Sungmin pushed something red inside his slightly opened-mouth, the juice came out and slowly flowed down his lips, down to his chin, to his neck and dirtying his white shirt.


Damn Sungmin for making him eat strawberry.

“Like it? It’s delicious. Some fans from the Philippines gave it to us. They said it’s from Baguio. Do you know where Baguio is?” Sungmin whispered back into his ears, each word was spoken in a very slow pace while both hands traces down on Kyuhyun’s chest. “No!” Kyuhyun gasped and shouted his answer when Sungmin suddenly pinched his hardened nipples, then rubbed his fingers together with the materials of his shirt. The friction electrified him and Kyuhyun shivered under Sungmin’s touch.

“Bed, now.” Sungmin said sweetly, not a command but enough to bring Kyuhyun on his feet and grabbed Sungmin to throw him on the bed. Kyuhyun followed and topped Sungmin where Sungmin’s legs automatically wrapped around his hips and grind his lower body to rub his self on Kyuhyun’s hard one.

“Shit Min! You’re so horny.” Kyuhyun said tightly, beads of sweat forming on the side of his face.

“But I know you like it very much, Kyu.” Sungmin answered back, pulling down Kyuhyun’s face and kissing him hard on the lips. Their tongues met inside each other’s mouth, dancing, forcing, grazing and fighting inside. They are both aggressive with the way they wanted to push the other down and challenge the other who will surrender first. But then they got both tired and soon the harsh kisses turned into sweet lip-locking ones. Trails of saliva messed up against each other but they didn’t care at all. For Kyuhyun, Sungmin’s saliva was the sweetest nectar he had ever the chance to taste in his 25 years of existence. No, make it second because the top from his list cannot be compared to anything that exist in this world. Sungmin’s cum.

Sungmin knew he should not be carried away from the way Kyuhyun was now giving his sore lips nibbling kisses, soothing his lips with his own because he still has plans he needed to materialize. So using his strength, he rolled both their bodies to the side so they can exchange position where he ended up on top of Kyuhyun, then locking tightly his legs around the other so he cannot move at all.

“I want to play.” Sungmin said strictly and Kyuhyun felt the excitement rushed through his veins for the umpteenth time now. With the way Sungmin was now grinding their crotches together adding the way Sungmin speaks, Kyuhyun surely bet Heechul’s box of sex toys that he will cum before he enters Sungmin. Hell, he even wanna bet all of YeWon and HaeHyuk’s sex videos that he will cum three times or more before Sungmin will be satisfied.

“Move your ass there and hold onto the posts.” Kyuhyun followed meekly, moving his ass on the bed and hold onto the side but not before removing his shirt. Well, he didn’t want Sungmin to tear his shirt just like the last time and this shirt was a gift from Sungmin so he made sure that it was safe before their little game started.

Sungmin tied both his hands using his newly purchased pink rope in a perfect knot then Kyuhyun tested it by pulling away his hands. It was secured although not too tight to cause him marks. Sungmin really seriously studied that bondage video that he purchased online.

“I won’t go easy on you. If you think you can’t take this one, just say it now or else, there will be no turning back.” Sungmin stared hard at Kyuhyun then gave his one lopsided grin that made Kyuhyun’s mind go in circle as well as made his cock twitch at the sexy sight.

Kyuhyun’s mouth went dry from too much body heat so he only nodded his head in affirmation, letting the other know that he was ready and excited. The evil glint in his eyes didn’t miss by Sungmin and the latter took it as a serious challenge.

“Very well, let’s start. I really like these strawberries, would you like one too? Yes? But you can’t eat it with your hands tied up. Aww poor baby. Don’t worry Kyubaby, just leave it to me. I’m gonna feed these to you.” Sungmin grabbed one half strawberries and put it in his mouth. Leaning down, he shoved the half piece strawberry using his tongue inside Kyuhyun’s mouth but didn’t remove his own lips. Instead he also took a small bite and chewed it, all along letting their lips locked as they both took a turn in tasting the piece of sweet red fruit.

“Oh, what a mess!” Sungmin exclaimed after noticing the red juice flowing down on Kyuhyun. Sungmin slowly suck on Kyuhyun’s flesh where the juice made its trail, starting from the chin, down to his neck, sucking and biting simultaneously until Kyuhyun moaned in sheer pleasure. Kyuhyun can feel Sungmin’s hot tongue licking his hot skin, his teeth biting into his sensitive flesh that caused him pain down to his chest where Sungmin traced the path down to one of his nipples.

Sungmin breathed out on his right bud, hardening the tip then putting his tongue out to test the hardness then retreated back. Kyuhyun looked up and closed his eyes, the pleasure he was feeling was too much. He wanted Sungmin to suck it hard, to play with it, to bite it but he knew if he made even a simple command, Sungmin will stop. This was Sungmin’s game and he will make sure that he will not screw this up.

Grabbing this time, two halves from the bowl, Sungmin tested again how hard Kyuhyun’s nipples by touching it with his finger. Smiling sweetly when Kyuhyun looked like he was in pain, he then placed two half strawberries on top of Kyuhyun’s nipples, pushing it down then twisting it until he was sure that the fruits were secured enough to hold in his skin.

“Hmn…you look sexy…strawberry Kyu.” Sungmin teased, eyes scanning the two strawberries decorating Kyuhyun’s chest. “I’ll eat you up later.” Sungmin whispered then proceeded to remove Kyuhyun’s short together with his boxers.

“Oh! Look at how hard you are, Kyubaby. It’s already dripping with pre-cum. Let me clean this one first.” Sungmin placed his self in between Kyuhyun’s spread legs then without holding his cock, he swiped his tongue on the head, removing the pre-cum. “Hmn…delicious. Again.” Sungmin repeat what he did but instead of retracting back, he gave Kyuhyun’s hard cock one sipped and a popped before releasing it.

“Ohhh Min…” Kyuhyun moaned, thrusting his hips up, trying to create contact with any parts of Sungmin’s body. He needed friction, he needed the heat, he needed release; he needed Sungmin now.

“Shhh…I know, Kyubaby. But I am not done with my little game yet.” Kyuhyun hissed in frustration especially when Sungmin left the bed and ransacked their secret closet.

“Found it!” Kyuhyun’s eyes widen when he saw what Sungmin was holding in his hand.

A vibrator, for fuck’s sake!

tbc ~

ps: I'll try to post the second part as soon as possible. Don't hate me on this guys. I love you and Teri too. xD
Tags: character : kyuhyun, character : sungmin, genre : romance, genre : smut, genre : yaoi, pairing : kyumin, rating : nc 17, type : two shots
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