Yheoj (yheoj) wrote,

A New Life

Characters/Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin , Heechul/Hangeng (Other members mentioned)
Type: One shot
Rating: PG 13
Genre: Romance, Fantasy (because there's no fucking way this will happen), Comedy
Warning: Unbeta-ed, gore (? LOL), MPREG, horrible description
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pairings/characters that appeared in this fic.

Description: Where Sungmin was giving birth.

a/n: Hi Jess! This isn't the fic that you've wanted to read, no fluff and roses and rainbows and butterflies but it's MPREG so I'm dedicating this one to you. Thanks for all those wonderful SS5 Manila pictures you're sharing in FB. Hihihi (kahit d ako nakapunta...huhuhu no hurt feelings pa din)

“Kyuhyunnnnn!!! Fuck you! I hate you so fucking much!!! Ahhhh” Sungmin screamed in pure agony then hit Kyuhyun’s head with his palm before taking shallow breaths to somewhat ease the pain.

“I know Baby. Don’t worry, after this I’ll give you everything you want. I’ll even do the laundry and cook food for you, just please…bear with it for a few more minutes. I love you baby, I really do.” Kyuhyun pacified Sungmin, trying to show his brave demeanor and hiding the fact that he was as scared as hell. Although he wasn’t in Sungmin’s shoes right now but the maltreatment he was receiving from the man (Sungmin punched him three times and it all hit his jaw, adding the number of times he was smacked at the back of his head every single time the spasm started) was enough for him to know that it wasn’t easy giving birth. Well Sungmin wouldn’t retort to physically hurt him if he wasn’t in hellish pain right?

“Ahhh…you better give up your Starcraft games if you are really sorry for this!!! Shit!!! Fuck!!! Ahhhh…oh!!! It hurts!” Sungmin cried out, closing his eyes tightly, reaching up and hold onto the pole that was placed beside the hospital bed.

“Now Sungmin, don’t try to push it out ‘cos there’s no way a baby can come out of your butt unless you want it to be ripped. We’ll be doing a caesarian operation so you better turn on your side so Dr. Yesung can inject anesthesia on your back.” Dr. Heechul, his OB instructed in a very calm manner. It wasn’t new for him to lead this operation since it wasn’t a rare case for them anymore. Ever since women became extinct 100 yrs ago, a certain group in male population suddenly developed the capacity to give birth although until now it was a mystery in the science world because those who were subjected to the study did not have any similarity with women’s reproductive system. Another mystery was that they can only reproduce male ones but some doctors supported the fact that because there was no female hormones existing in the body.

Dr. Heechul’s hand absentmindedly strokes the middle of his stomach when he was reminded of the time he was in Sungmin’s position, giving birth to their son, Hongki. Han Geng, his husband who was a popular actor and was in the middle of filming a Zombie Movie came rushing inside the operation room still wearing his gore costume with makeup and special effects, one hand still holding an ax with dripping blood that made him faint the moment he saw him. Then the next thing he knew, he was awaken by the sound of a crying baby and Hangeng was there holding that tiny bunch and feeding him.

“Ahhhh! Doc!!!” Sungmin called out and Dr. Heechul was back from his reminiscing, smiling gently to Sungmin who was now starting to drift off. Guess the anesthesia was taking its effect now “It’s okay Sungmin, you are safe with us. My team will do everything to bring your baby safe into this world.” He patted Sungmin’s hand and signaled his staff to start the operation now.

Kyuhyun was shoved outside the room where he was met and comforted by his family; his parents Leeteuk and Kangin, JaeJoong and Junsu, Sungmin’s parents and close friends, Hyukjae and Donghae. He was tearing down but he didn’t care even if he tasted his tears and snots that were flowing out of his eyes and nose at the same time. Fuck appearance sake, the only thing that matters to him right now is Sungmin and his safety and the feeling of wanting to be by his side in this crucial time. But the damn doctor wouldn’t even let him hold Sungmin’s hand while they rip his precious loving wife’s stomach.

After a few more agonizing minutes all of them heard a loud wailing inside the operation room. They all looked at each other and Kyuhyun who wanted to see Sungmin that badly hurry up and barge inside the room even without the Doctor’s permission.

“Mr. Cho, congratulations. It’s a healthy baby boy, well not that we even have a choice, right?” Siwon greeted Kyuhyun who was holding the baby’s right foot, turning him upside down and hitting his baby’s butt with his palm. Kyuhyun turned red at the sight and closed the short distance, ready to grab his son away from the sadistic intern when a soft voice called out his name.

“Min? Baby? Are you alright?” Kyuhyun dove beside Sungmin and kissed him hard on the lips, feeling his breath against him. Since Sungmin’s lower half were hidden, Dr. Heechul decided to let Kyuhyun inside the room and just continue sewing his belly after putting his intestine inside. He was smiling behind his mask, humming to a tune of Bonamana and ignoring the sweet exchange of words by Kyuhyun and Sungmin.

“Yeah, I guess I am.” Sungmin answered back groggily, the anesthesia was making him sleepy but he was glad he was aware of what was happening to him and around him.

“I love you Min.” Kyuhyun whispered softly, trapping Sungmin’s face with his hands and kissing him once again.

“I love you too, Kyu.” Sungmin whispered back; too sleepy to even lift his hand although he wanted to touch Kyuhyun’s locks, to feel the soft hair against his palm. To let him know that he was happy to see him, that he was still alive and that he love him even more.

Just before Sungmin finally doze off to sleep, Kyuhyun grabbed his hand and gripped it tight, bringing it to his lips and kissed it soundly. “Thank you baby. Thanks for bringing Sandeul into this world with us safely.”

end ;p
Tags: character : kyuhyun, character : sungmin, genre : alternate universe, genre : fantasy, genre : romance, genre : yaoi, pairing : eunhae, pairing : hanchul, pairing : kangteuk, pairing : kyumin, rating : pg 13, type : one shot
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Huhu but dis is so freaking cute ate!!!!!!!! Sobrang sweet pa!! Omg cho being too sweet to his wifey is just perfect!!!!! Thou i wish it wud b longer (lol demanding() dis is so fine for mympreg cravings!!!! Huhu tnx talaga ate!!!! I love u!!!! /hugs u tyt
hahaha glad you like this...pero I really insist na d sya sweet...kadiri pa nga eh kasi binutas ni Heechul ung tyan ni Min...hahahaha

yan lang kinaya ng powers ko...d ko nga nire-read ulit kaya i'm sure daming errors na naman pero buti kinaya ng powers mo intindihin...hehehehe

Next one shot ulit...

Thanks talaga jess^^

Hi this is off topic & I know you're busy too or something but, when are you going to update and finish "Badluck"... It's almost a year of waiting and you wrote it during my bday & I'm adding a year again.. Hehe.. ^_^
LOL hello there^^

hmn...I'm still trying to gain back my lost will in writing so until now I still haven't written a single word for Bad Luck and I can't commit yet when I'll be updating that but hopefully (when is your birthday, btw) I'll try to post an update as a bday gift...since you took your precious time commenting here. hihihihi.
uwaa... this is so sweet unnie...
i hope you will write the sequel of this story

welcome to the new world cho sandeul...
OMG!! so cute and adorable. plus sandeul is sungmin's son, that much is totally true. okay anyway, the fact about women been extinct is really unique and i love it.