Yheoj (yheoj) wrote,

Sungmin's Little Game [Ch.3]

Pairing/Characters: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Type: series
Genre: romance, smut
Rating: NC 17
Warning: slight bondage, kinky KyuMin, fellatio, submissive kyu, sex toys, unbeta-ed
Disclaimer: The story is what I owned not the characters.

Description: Sungmin wanted to play his game and Kyuhyun tagged along.

a/n: This is taking so long but I cannot really write a long story filled with smut so I apologize for this.


“Finally. Ouch Min, it feels numb.” Kyuhyun protested, hands rubbing his wrist to ease away the numbness from being tied up with rope.

“Aww Kyubaby, I’m sorry but I know you like it so I really wasn’t sorry at all.” Sungmin answered back with a naughty grin on his face, grabbing Kyuhyun’s hands and helping him sooth his wrist. “There. Feeling okay?” Sungmin asked after a while which was answered by Kyuhyun with a sweet smile on his face.

“Now, remove my clothes.” Sungmin presented his back to Kyuhyun, waiting for the other to take his own action.

Grabbing the hem of Sungmin’s shirt, he yanked it up slowly, making sure that the material of the shirt rubs against Sungmin’s skin then throwing it away on the floor. “Beautiful soft skin.” Kyuhyun whispered, giving his shoulders soft kisses, licking it with his tongue, sampling the smooth expanse skin of his lover. Kyuhyun felt Sungmin shivered from his touch and so he continued to smooch his nape with butterfly kisses up to the side of his neck until the back of his ear. Sungmin giggled when Kyuhyun’s hot breath hit his sensitive spot right below his ear.

“Oh someone is enjoying here.” Kyuhyun said, blowing kisses on the spot then nipped the lobe of Sungmin’s ear. “Hmn...hihihi Kyubaby stop it.” Sungmin halfheartedly tried to stop Kyuhyun from tickling him but Kyuhyun knew otherwise.

“Oh what is this?” Kyuhyun asked when his hands that was wrapped around Sungmin’s waist reached Sungmin’s front, cupping his erection. “Someone is getting excited.” Kyuhyun then unsnapped Sungmin’s short button and opened the fly, pulling it down until it was halfway down his thighs. Kyuhyun inserted his hands inside Sungmin’s boxer, smoothing the hair, tracing his groin with his fingers then grabbed his cock.

“Ohhh...Kyuhyun.” Sungmin gyrated his hips then leaning his head on Kyuhyun’s shoulder, he grabbed his head and pulled him down for a kiss. Their lips touched, their tongues moving fighting against each other, sipping each other’s saliva while Kyuhyun’s hands started jerking his lover’s cock.

“You’re wet down here Min.” One of Kyuhyun’s finger swiped the pre-cum from Sungmin’s cock then trailing it down and stopping at Sungmin’s hole where he rubbed the juice there. Sungmin moved his body up, as if he wanted something from Kyuhyun then gritted his teeth when Kyuhyun slowly inserted his middle finger inside his hole.

“Ahh Kyu! Slowly, please?” Sungmin pleaded but Kyuhyun didn’t heed his plead. He plunged that finger deep inside him, curling it then slowly make some circular motion that made Sungmin clutched on Kyuhyun’s neck.

“Ahh! Ahh! Kyu...more!” Sungmin groaned in frustration. He wanted Kyuhyun to insert more fingers inside but he couldn’t tell Kyuhyun yet. He trusted Kyuhyun when it comes to pleasuring him and so he decided to wait a little bit more.

“Wait Min..I want to use that toy in you.” Kyuhyun removed his finger then reached at the foot of the bed to get the toy and pushed Sungmin to lie on his back. Kyuhyun grabbed one fluffy pillow and placed it under Sungmin’s butt then spread Sungmin’s thighs after removing all his remaining clothes.

 “Very nice view.” Kyuhyun bit his lower lip while looking hungrily at Sungmin’s twitching pink hole. Unable to constrain his desire, he dipped his head down and licked the pink hole, his tongue rubbing only at the pink entrance.

“Here, hold your thighs up so I can lick you properly.” Sungmin complied obediently, his body feeling hotter than before. “Ohhh Kyu stop it...” Sungmin bit his lower lip when he felt Kyuhyun’s tongue dabbing in and out of his hole. “Ahh Kyu! Stop it already.” Sungmin tried to stop him but Kyuhyun wouldn’t listen to his begging. Using his saliva to wet his hole, he finally inserted one finger inside slowly, feeling the walls closing in on his finger when it was all inside.

“Ahh Kyu...pleaseee...” Sungmin begged once again, he can feel  his swollen cock ready to burst any minute from now. “Kyuhyun! I think I’m going to cum soon.” He finally said and that caught Kyuhyun’s attention.

“Oh no, Min. You can’t cum yet.” Kyuhyun grabbed Sungmin’s cock, pressed the head and stop fingering his hole. “We’ll do lots of foreplays first then if you are good, I’ll let you cum as many times as you want.”

Sungmin felt his heartbeat returning back to normal, his heightened pleasure lowering down and soon his excitement of almost on the verge of cumming died down, calming him. Kyuhyun went to get a lube then pouring a good amount on his hole, he finally reached for the vibrator and turned it off.

“Now for my second view of heaven.” Kyuhun slowly inserted the toy in Sungmin’ hole still testing how much more can Sungmin take. Watching Sungmin’s reaction he knew the man was enjoying it more than he. Sungmin was inhaling heavily as each part of the toy gone inside, mastering the art of accepting such things inside him with less pain.

“How do you feel?” Kyuhyun asked his lover until all he can see was the base of the toy.

“Good Kyubaby but I need more.” Sungmin honestly answered back, closing his eyes and waited for the next part.

“Tell me you love me first, Lee Sungmin.” Kyuhyun demanded, readying his finger to turn on the toy.

“I love you Cho Kyuhyun! Ahhhh.” Sungmin cried out when the toy inside started to move.

“I love you too Lee Sungmin.” Kyuhyun mouthed those words as he held Sungmin’s gaze with his own, gulping down when Sungmin made that erotic face. Reaching down, he slowly stroke his now erect cock and then touching the base of the toy, he started moving it in and out of Sungmin’s hole, earning moans and growls from the smaller man. “Ahh Kyuhyun! More! I want more...” Sungmin pleaded then cried out when Kyuhyun started thrusting the toy in a faster speed, the buzzing sound as well as the squelching sound of the toy and the lube also helped in building the anticipated pleasure for both of them.

Leaving the toy to it’s own, Kyuhyun finally reached up to hold Sungmin’s leaking cum, stroking it up and down then teasing it by licking the head while at the same time he was also stroking his own. “Kyuhyun...I want to cum...” Sungmin said in desperation, not sure if Kyuhyun will let him cum this time or stop him from cumming.

“Min, let go. Let’s cum together.” Kyuhyun commanded, both fist working faster in jerking both their cocks. Kyuhyun knelt in between Sungmin’s thighs and naughtily rub their cock against each other. They both moan at the friction their movement made and then Kyuhyun captured Sungmin’s lips and gave it a not so painful bite.

Sungmin couldn’t control his body anymore, he was almost out of his own mind when the sensation was now occupying all his senses. He was thrusting his body up, the feel of the toy inside him, Kyuhyun’s hand on his cock, Kyuhyun’s cock against his, Kyuhyun’s delicious lips on his own were all too much for him to handle. And so with one final shout, Sungmin finally let go, cumming in Kyuhyun’s hand while calling Kyuhyun’s name at the same time.

Kyuhyun closed his eyes and continued to dry hump Sungmin until finally he can feel his rising desire zeroing in on his crotch area. And  with one final thrust, he finally let go, moaning as his cum finally joined with Sungmin’s cum right on Sungmin’s stomach.

tbc ;p
Tags: character : kyuhyun, character : sungmin, genre : romance, genre : smut, genre : yaoi, pairing : kyumin, rating : nc 17, type : chaptered
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after reading this, I released the air I didn't know I was holding. xD. HAWT HAWT HAWTTTTT! <3
Huhu ate!!!! Its bitin!!!!!!!
Wah i want more!!how cud u give us perv fe3ls then end it immediately!!!! wah ate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was totally perfect. I can't think straight. Love it and there's definitely something wrong with me I read thia at work and all I can think is kyuhyun and sungmin in bed playing and omg I would pay to see that. Sorry